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Which one describes


The Math Ain't Mathing

Little to zero return on your marketing investment.

It Just Hits Different

Overwhelmed or unsure where to start with marketing.

On My Business Flex

Too busy and need more time for marketing.

Failed The Vibe Check

Marketing is too expensive or outside my budget right now.

My Marketing Ally: Thinking Woman

A bad relationship with marketing can lead to missed revenue opportunities, stagnated business growth, a struggling brand, and fast burnout.

We want more for you. 

Your opportunity cost is too high to continue doing what doesn’t work. It’s time to gain a marketing ally. If you know, you know. (#IYKYK)

Discover a community rooted in authenticity, empathy, and integrity created to strengthen your brand, optimize results, and cultivate purpose into profits. Our framework applies three primary pillars:

My Marketing Ally - Serve
My Marketing Ally - Solve
My Marketing Ally - Strategy

Confidently implement marketing strategies that align with your values and support your desired outcomes that produce profits to fuel your purpose.

About Monica

“We need another you,” were the words of the CEO as we discussed hiring a new team member for the marketing department. As the marketing director of this small company, I appreciated that this was not about cloning me. Instead, the CEO wanted to duplicate my qualities: integrity, trust, strategic planning, creativity, effectiveness, efficiency, thoughtfulness, boldness, and flexibility.

Do you need “another you” – the marketing version?

Hi! My name is Monica, and I help overwhelmed and frustrated small business entrepreneurs confidently implement marketing strategies that align with their values and support their desired outcomes that produce profits to fuel their purpose.

For over ten years, I’ve successfully launched campaigns and programs during my career, generating multi-million dollars of revenue for employers, and my work has won several awards, including two Emmys.

My Marketing Ally - Monica
My Marketing Ally - Notebook Pen

So why work with me?

In short, I know how to distill my award-winning, revenue-generating, successful creative, and marketing professional experience into an accessible blueprint for overwhelmed and frustrated small business entrepreneurs.

I won’t waste your time with tactics or gimmicks that don’t work for your business or yield results. It is my aim to show you how to have a profitable relationship with marketing that aligns with your values and supports your desired outcomes.

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